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The Longest Yard Drinking Game

1. Drink when someone refers to Crewe as “superstar”
2.Drink when you recognize someone from another Adam Sandler movie
3.Drink when the guards beat up Crewe
4. Drink whenever someone references another movie
5. Drink when you seen Unger 
6. Drink whenever Caretaker makes a racist joke
7. Drink whenever you see the cheerleaders
8. Drink when Crewe says something sarcastic 
9. Drink when Engleheart makes a pussy-ass comment 
10.Drink when Brucie says something stupid or embarrassing
11.Drink whenever someone makes a big dick joke about Joey 
12. Drink when Cheeseburger Eddy makes a Mcdonalds reference
13. Drink when the cheerleaders make fun of Brucie 
14. Drink when Caretaker says/does something “half-a-star” worthy
15.Take one for the team with Crewe (when hes with the secretary) 

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Anonymous said: what's your favourite lipstick




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a man walks into a zoo. the only animal in the entire zoo is a dog. it’s a shitzu 

this is literally my favourite joke ever


i hopped off the plane at LAX

and i died

cause i jumped out of a plane

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Eat that pussy and be grateful. There’s starving nice guys in fedoras who don’t have any.

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creepiest things on earth:

  • spiders
  • ghosts
  • spider ghosts
  • men over 35 who wear abercrombie

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i’ll take one of each please :)

i’ll take one of each please :)

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